A frustrating season for the Senators


A frustrating season for the Senators – TVA Gatineau

Etienne Malouin | April 18, 2024

This is day two for the Ottawa Senators. This was the 7th consecutive year of our team not completing the qualifying stage for the elimination series.

The frustration described the atmosphere adopted by the two senators. Senators captain Brady Tchakuk didn't have much career trouble the season he arrived in the league. Yes, 6 years old.

Veteran Claude Giroux spoke to a man from Konstanz to explain the team's results.

I was on the ice just before the start of the Ottawa season. The suspension of the attacking Shane Pinto managed to evade the LNH policy towards the Paris athletes to attract attention.

Numerous changes took place in the management of the team this year. I joined the executive chef team a month ago as the new owner, new general manager and head chef under Jacques Martin. The team has always had more professionalism and experience.

After a return to the next bench this year, Jacques Martin was in the entourage of the group, more than an advisor, for a season in which he gave his plus points, he was very important for the Senators.