2025 GMC Yukon prepares for global debut with RHD version


The 2025 Yukon will be one of just a handful of non-minivan eight-seaters sold in Australia


from Brad Anderson

April 19, 2024 at 08:03

    2025 GMC Yukon prepares for global debut with RHD version

  • GMSV will import the redesigned GMC Yukon to Australia in 2025, marking their first American SUV offering to the market.
  • The Yukon will be converted to a right-hand drive configuration in Australia, similar to other GMSV models.
  • This move marks GMC's expansion strategy beyond North America and the development of new markets such as China and Australia.

For years, American consumers have enjoyed a wide range of large SUVs and pickup trucks, an offering that has eluded many other markets, including Australia. However, with Holden's demise in the Australian market, GM has introduced and sold a number of enticing new vehicles through its specialist vehicle division called GMSV. The latest addition to this lineup will be the redesigned GMC Yukon.

Thanks to GMSV, we now have our best look yet at the souped-up 2025 GMC Yukon, which is currently being tested under light camouflage in Australia before going on sale in late 2024.

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This is GMSV's first import of an SUV from its American model range into Australia. It joins the Chevrolet Silverado pickup and Chevrolet Corvette C8, both of which were introduced locally in recent years. Unlike those models, which arrived in Australia a few years after their US launch, the Yukon makes its debut with the 2025 model, which was only announced in AT4 form earlier this week.

    2025 GMC Yukon prepares for global debut with RHD version
Teaser of the North American GMC Yukon AT4 2025

Images released by GMSV show the 2025 GMC Yukon being tested in a right-hand drive configuration under camouflage. It features an impressive front fascia highlighted by a large chrome grille and striking headlights with distinctive LED daytime running lights. The camouflage also extends to the remaining parts of the dashboard, front side panels and hood.

Local testing of the 2025 Yukon is underway. Similar to other GMSV offerings, it is not factory assembled for right-hand drive, but rather remanufactured and converted in Australia. Additionally, it is available for sale in New Zealand.

    2025 GMC Yukon prepares for global debut with RHD version

“The GMC Yukon has been with Premoso for a number of months as we begin preparing for the overhaul process,” GM Australia and New Zealand managing director Jess Bala said. “It’s exciting to have another vehicle joining the GMSV range – one that is fully equipped with eight seats and offers excellent towing capacity. Vehicle development following the general overhaul is progressing very well and we are well on the way to delivering the new model to customers in the first half of 2025.”

The refreshed SUV, which will lead GMC's expansion into markets outside North America, including China, follows in the footsteps of its updated siblings, the Cadillac Escalade and the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. Beyond the exterior revisions, the car also gets a revised interior with a new center console dominated by a huge portrait-orientation infotainment screen that features a row of physical buttons at the bottom.

In the U.S., the current generation offers two gasoline engines: a 5.3-liter V8 with 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque and a 6.2-liter V8 with 420 hp and 460 lb-ft. There's also a 3.0-liter inline-six turbodiesel with 277 hp and 460 lb-ft. While the two gasoline engines are expected to remain unchanged, similar to the 2025 Tahoe, the turbodiesel will undergo a revision and is said to produce 305 hp and 495 lb-ft of torque.

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