2024 – Cultural Summer | A summer for a journey through time


The culture of yesterday in Quebec comes to life in a new form on the stages this summer. Nine proposals from the fields of theater, circus and music.

RBO- The circus

With their biting and scratchy humor, they have made a whole generation laugh. This summer, the members of Rock et Belles Oreilles (RBO for short) are the focus of a stage tribute by Cirque du Soleil. The show, which mixes acrobatics and a good dose of self-irony, is set in the 1980s. Jean-Guy Legault is directing; Alex McMahon is in charge of the music and will draw on both the group's discography and the music of Quebec at the time. After RBO- The disc And The Tuneshere is RBO – The Circus…

At the Cogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières, from 17 July to 17 August

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Me and the others

Alexa-Jeanne Dubé and Juliette Gosselin take on the roles of Denise Filiatrault and Dominique Michel in this reinterpretation of the 1960s television classic. Kim Lévesque-Lizotte writes the lyrics for this comedy, which will be performed during Expo 67, and Charles Dauphinais is in charge of the production. The lives of the two friends are turned upside down when a talent contest is organized by a handsome man named Hébert Léotard. Who, Dominique or Denise, will win the prize?

At the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne from June 27 to July 21, then on tour in Quebec

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The mythical figures of Starmania are back in Quebec, at Place Bell in Laval.

45 years after its creation, this timeless rock opera by Luc Plamondon and Michel Berger is reborn from its ashes. New singers take on the uniforms of Johnny Rockfort, Zéro Janvier, Cristal and other unforgettable characters, but the songs remain the same: powerful odes that have marked French song. This new version, directed by Thomas Jolly, director of the Paris National Opera and artistic director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the next Olympic Games, was very popular with audiences and critics when it visited France in 2022.

At Place Bell in Laval, from 6 to 18 August

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The Hangover

The novel by Yves Beauchemin, published in 1981, was already the subject of a film by Jean Beaudin. Here, the work is adapted into a musical by Jessy Brouillard (libretto, lyrics and music) in a production by Joël Legendre. Camped in 1974, The Hangover tells the story of a couple from Montreal who dream of owning a restaurant. However, life throws many pitfalls at them. To avoid this misfortune, they need the help of a homeless boy, Mr. Émile…

From August 2nd at the Maurice-O'Bready Hall in Sherbrooke, then on tour in the province

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Call me Stéphane


Distribution of proofreadingCall me Stéphane

In the 1980s, Claude Meunier and Louis Saia had a great success with this play, which became a comedy classic that has been performed many times. André Robitaille directs this new version, adapted to our times. Five aspiring actors from different backgrounds attend evening classes under the guidance of their teacher, the charismatic Stéphane (played here by Bernard Fortin). Their plan is to put on a play inspired by parts of their lives. Of course, nothing goes as planned…

At the Maison des arts de Drummondville, from 28 June to 17 August

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The Giantess

According to Diane Dufresne, who is the focus of the show Belmont (on a Quebec tour this summer), the Théâtre de l'Œil Ouvert is devoting its attention to one of Quebec's legendary figures of female humour: Rose Ouellette, also known as La Poune. In this musical theatre piece directed by Jade Bruneau, La Poune is played by Gabrielle Fontaine. This is an opportunity to learn about the life and work of the woman who made Quebec laugh from the 1920s to the 1990s.

At the Desjardins Cultural Center in Joliette from July 11 to August 10, then at Carré 150 in Victoriaville from August 15 to 31; at the Théâtre Maisonneuve on the Place des Arts in June 2025.

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Royal Pub


Musical comedy Royal Pub was a huge success when it was released last winter.

This musical comedy based on the work of the Cowboys Fringants was a huge success when it premiered last winter. The dreamy show by Les 7 Doigts is back on tour this spring. Under the direction of director Sébastien Soldevila, around twenty dancers, singers and acrobats combine their talents to pay tribute to the popular Quebec group. Five of the songs from the show appear on the Cowboys' latest album, the others are from their repertoire.

At the Cogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières from 29 to 1 Mayuh June, then in Quebec, Ottawa and Montreal. A tour follows.

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We have known each other for 50 years


The album Great shame celebrates his 50tht birthday this year.

Starting at the end of August, the Orchestre Métropolitain will bring back to life one of the most legendary albums in the Quebec music repertoire: Beau Dommage's eponymous album, which celebrates its 50th anniversary.t birthday this year. Eleven performers will lend their voices to perform a symphonic version of the pieces selected by the members of the group. In the lot: An incident in Bois-des-Filionwhich will be presented in full. Adam Johnson will lead OM on this occasion.

At the Wilfrid Pelletier Hall on Place des Arts on August 30 and 31, then in September in Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke and Quebec

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Yvon Deschamps tells The Shop

The most famous monologues and songs of the father of Quebec humour served as inspiration for this multidisciplinary show set in 1942. Here, 19 artists are invited to bring to life the touching universe of Yvon Deschamps in an atmosphere inspired by modern times by Chaplin. The comedian will not be on stage, but will be on video to provide commentary. He also co-wrote the script for the show (conceived by Jean-François Blais), in which four actors take on the different personalities of the timeless “guy from the store”.

At the Palace de Granby on September 11th, then at the Théâtre Maisonneuve on the Place des Arts on September 24th, 25th and 26th. A guided tour will follow.

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